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This website serves as a repository of information and documentation related to the Fruit and Vegetable Sector (FFV) in Sri Lanka with focus on Quality and Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS).

About the Project

The Ceylon Chambers of Commerce (CCC), the International Trade Centre (ITC) with the support of the Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) are partnering with the Department of Agriculture (DOA), The National Agribusiness Council (NAC) and the Lanka Fruit and Vegetables Producers , Processors and Exporters Association (LFVPPEA) and relevant private and public stakeholders in Sri Lanka to contribute to:

“Improve the safety and quality of the Sri Lankan Fruits and Vegetables”(STDF 354)


Objective 1: Build and sustain the competence of public and private stakeholders to comply with quality and food safety international requirements

Objective 2: Improve the international, regional and national market opportunities of selected value chains of fresh fruit and vegetables

This website “SPSSriLanka” is a mean to contribute to the above objectives.

It disseminates project updates and progress, communication about training programmes, the training materials developed, the survey reports, the contact details of relevant institutes.

News Update

China: Demand for perishables growing rapidly

chinesesup 1China is widely recognised as an untapped market for perishables, but in order to provide real opportunities for shippers, the country needs to upgrade its cold supply chain. Increasing consumption of fruit and vegetables, dairy and meat in China, according to research from the Dutch agri-finance group Rabobank

Updated Date : 22-07-16
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Korean consumers demand for premium quality juices

fruit6Consumption of fresh fruits continues to grow in Korea as more Koreans have become more aware of the health benefits of fruits. Supermarkets and convenient stores are now stocking different varieties of fruits compared to some years ago when most shelf space was reserved for fruits predominantly grown in the country such a

Updated Date : 22-07-16
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