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“This section provides with a selection of publications relevant to the Fruit and Vegetable sector and their stakeholders in Sri Lanka. Some of these valuable publications are available for purchase online.
The set of market intelligence product such as Sector Reports and training materials of workshops held in respect of Sanitary and Phytosanitary measures related to Fruits and Vegetables released within the framework of STDF 354 Project will also be uploaded on this website“


Packaging for Organic Foods


This paper guides exporters, packers and processors of organic food products through packaging souring and selection options. It helps them understand requirements and formulate their own packaging strategies, thereby creating new opportunities and competitiveness in their business. It includes an overview of packaging functions and design; regulations relating to food-contact materials; packaging material and technology options; transport packaging; and guiding examples.

Publication Date:

September 10, 2012

Download  pdf: Packaging for Organic Foods

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Fruit & Vegetable Sector Analysis 2013

“Fruit and Vegetable Sector Analysis 2013” compiled by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce is now available for sale.



$1·         Fruit industry Sri Lanka

$1·         Global Fruit production

$1·         Global export & Import markets of Fruits

$1·         Top 10 Fruits globally exported & imported

$1·         Target extent and production of Fruits 2014

$1·         Sri Lanka’s Exports & Imports of Fruits

$1·         Main Export & import Markets of Fruits of Sri Lanka

$1·         Product wise exports of Fruits from Sri Lanka

$1·         Product wise Fruit export markets & competitor markets 


$1·         Vegetable industry Sri Lanka

$1·         Target extent and production of vegetable cultivation (Yala/Maha season) 2013/2014

$1·         Global Fruit & Vegetable production

$1·         Sri Lanka’s Exports & Imports of Vegetables

$1·         Main Export & import Markets of vegetables of Sri Lanka

$1·         Product wise exports of vegetables from Sri Lanka

$1·         Product wise Vegetable export markets of Sri Lanka

$1·         Vegetable price information 2014

Recent Market Highlights of Fruits and Vegetables

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